WT Skip Hire

Skip Company of the Month: WT Skip Hire

As featured in Skip Hire Magazine
  • Name: WT Skip Hire
  • Location: Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
  • Number of Employees: 8

History of Business:

It was set up thirty years ago by Wally Thurtle, who is still a director. It was originally a trade waste business, but expanded into skips. The trade waste side was then sold off three years ago so we could concentrate on skip hire and recycling.


Is there anyone at WT Waste who deserves a mention?

They're all great, I couldn't single anyone out.

What services do you provide?

Skip hire, roll-on-roll-offs and recycling services from our transfer station.

What areas do you cover?

Mainly Great Yarmouth, Norwich and Lowestoft. We don’t go east because we don’t have a boat!

WT Skip Hire team and Mik Richardson

What are the hardest things that you face as a business?

Dealing with the annual pressure of putting up prices in line with the landfill tax so that we don't scare people off but still cover the cost. Luckily the government has seen sense on further increases above inflation from next year. This is sensible as it's now high enough to act as an incentive to recycle.

What is the best thing about working there?

The camaraderie and the banter at work. Everyone has their own distinctive personality but rubs along well with the rest. It’s also nice when you get complimented by a customer for your good work and they make a repeat order as a result.

What do you like most about the skip industry?

The people in it are straight talking and hard working. It’s earthy and the people who run the businesses usually have dirt under their nails.

Members of the WT Skip Team

What problems do you have with the skip hire industry?

I think that the industry’s earthiness can come across as abruptness or be intimidating. I worry that people find ordering a skip intimidating and we work hard to fight that perception.
On the flip side, I don’t like customers who try to abuse the system by overfilling the skips because they think it’s fair game. Or the ones who sneak some hazardous waste into the bottom then pretend it was fly-tipped.

What changes would you like made in the industry?

I’d like to see skips measured in cubic metres rather than yards, but I’m new school and probably fighting a losing battle!

What is your relationship like with other companies?

There’s plenty of work out there for all of us, so we generally get along well. We resist getting into a price war with anyone, as ultimately the only one who wins is the customer.

Has your company developed any new parts of the business in the past few years?

No, if anything we’ve decided to concentrate more on skip hire and focus on doing it well and maximising our recycling rate. The more you recycle the more money you save. It’s a no-brainer.

What makes you stand out as a business?

Friendly, helpful, reliable service which starts with the person in the office who takes the phone call, continues with the driver doing the delivery and end with the driver making the collection. If you find good staff and cherish them, this is not difficult.

WT Skip Hire take part in movember charity event

What do you like most about Skip Hire Magazine?

It has to be the overloaded skip pictures! It’s strangely comforting to know that other people have to deal with the same things as us. Its group therapy!