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Adverse Weather: Our Policy

Posted on: January 13, 2015

We may have only had a touch of bad weather so far during these wintery months but we can never be sure what's exactly round the corner. Like most companies we have our own policies too and one of the policies we like to promote this time of year is our bad weather policy.

The Difficult Weather

When we receive snow and ice children of all ages love it, but for anyone who works in the transport industry, this type of weather is seen as a nightmare. If you thought driving a car in bad weather was a challenge think about driving a lorry; they are much bigger, heavier and are often top heavy with all kinds of materials inside. If anything was to go wrong on the roads a lorry can impose a danger to themselves, others and whatever they may be carrying.

As a skip hire company we deliver all over the county and a lot of our deliveries are based in residential areas. These areas are sometimes neglected from a gritting vehicle, making it difficult for us to do our job. If the weather is bad we have to negotiate icy driveways, which are sometimes on a slope and to take away or deliver a skip in these conditions can be very hard. Let's not forget, we have to do all of this without damaging any property or hurting anyone!

Blame it on the Weatherman

During these weather conditions we take a pragmatic approach and take a look at the weather forecast for the forthcoming days. We generally look between five to ten days ahead and anticipate the days that may cause problems. If we have a booking or collection the day before a potentially bad day of weather we will contact you and explain we may not be able to go out for safety reasons. Once the bad weather has cleared we will do our best to prioritise this work before any new bookings or collections.

If anything was to go wrong we are of course fully insured both on the vehicles and liability sides of the business. You can always buy a new lorry, but you can't buy a new person; that's why we are so careful when the bad weather is concerned.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact us on 01493 668118.

A wet motorway