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Jamie Eaton Gains Certification

Posted on: August 26, 2014

We believe that helping to improve and advance our staff's skills is crucial for providing our customers with the best service possible. One of our members of staff, Jamie Eaton, has been working in our recycling centre since last summer so we decided to help him develop his skills and sent him on an external training course.

The work done in our recycling centre is very physically demanding but also requires the staff to be very thorough and conscientious about what they are doing. Jamie has displayed these qualities since the moment he begun working with us, making him a great asset to our team. The training qualifies Jamie to drive one of our Case grab machines. It taught him how to use the equipment correctly and safely as well as developing his desk-based health and safety practices.

Now certified to use an Extractor 360 above 10 tonnes, Jamie is using the grab in our recycling centre to separate materials. As he is still inexperienced he is operating under supervision from his manager, but we expect that soon he will be perfectly capable of working independently. We believe that if our members of staff are prepared to advance themselves and show they are capable then it is always worth guiding and rewarding them. This benefits both us and our customers who can be reassured we are proving them with the best service possible.

Jamie Eaton