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Roll-on, Roll-off: Ideal For Business Refurbishments

Posted on: September 18, 2014

Large scale disposal of waste requires a large scale skip to contain it. If your business premises are undergoing clearance or refurbishment the amount of waste produced by the job will most likely be too large to fit into most standard skips. Luckily there exists a type of container designed for large scale projects that will make clearing a work site much easier - the roll-on, roll-off container.

What is a roll-on , roll-off container?

Roll-on, roll-off containers, also called ro-ro's, are large containers used for disposing of waste in the same way that everyday skips are used. When it comes to using these containers you should be aware of the following:

  • We offer them in 2 sizes, 20 yard and 40 yard, but they can also come in other varieties.
  • They have the same rules and regulations regarding what cannot be disposed of in a skip as standard-sized versions.
  • The majority of councils will not allow these containers to be placed on a public highway so an off-road location is essential.
  • Roll-on, roll-off containers have a rear access door for easy loading of large waste.
  • Once full they can easily be attached to our lorry and be removed.

What uses do they have?

Roll-on, Roll-off containers are exclusively reserved for commercial use. They are designed and made to suit businesses that are disposing of large amounts of waste to make the job as easy as possible. Ro-ro's are ideal for the following:

  • Heavy construction or demolition waste.
  • Window frames and wood waste.
  • Recyclable waste.
  • General waste management.
  • Industrial and commercial waste.
  • Dry non-hazardous waste.
  • Large volume, non-compactable, bulky waste.

The 2 sizes of Roll-on, Roll-off containers that we offer, 20 yard and 40 yard are used for different purposes. 20 yard containers are used for disposing of heavy materials, including soil, concrete and builders waste. 40 yard containers are used for large, bulky but light waste as well as general mixed waste - they are not suited for heavier items like 20 yard containers are.

Example work

Currently at WT Skip Hire we are providing our waste disposal services to the EE store located in Norwich's Chapelfield shopping centre. The store is undergoing a refurbishment over the next 6 weeks so during this time there will undoubtedly be a large amount of waste created that we will need to remove. Our Ro-ros are ideal for a project of this scale and will help make the refurbishment process quicker and easier for EE and their building contractors.

We provide our services to customers in Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft and the Norwich area. All of the pricing information for our skips can be found upfront on our website which can be found by clicking here.

If you are planning to undertake building work at your premises and are considering your waste disposal options be sure to contact us at WT Skip Hire. Contact us on 01493 668118 or e-mail us at info@wtskiphire.co.uk.

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