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What Can I Put in My Recycling Bin?

Posted on: January 19, 2015

Recycling has become an important part of our day to day lives, with many of us encouraged to take the time to sort our cardboard and plastic bottles from our food and general waste. It was therefore disappointing to read an article in The Express last week reporting that 280,000 tons of plastic and paper was dumped in landfill or incinerated last year.

It is believed that much of that waste was contaminated and as a result re-processing plants were forced to turn away waste lorries. Critics believe that householders have been left confused by which items go in which bins and as a result there have been calls for households to be given “consistent, simple and concise information” to avoid contamination.

“Far too many councils have baffled residents with a kaleidoscope of colourful bins. Councils need to be realistic about their instruction or taxpayers cash will go up in smoke.” - Jonathan Isaby, Chief Executive of the Taxpayers' Alliance

Recycling in Norfolk

Depending on your local authority some of you may have a green recycling bin, whilst others will have a grey bin. You should use this bin to dispose of:

What can you put in your bin

Norfolk County Council also operates 20 recycling centres across the county where residents can dispose of their household waste. In addition to the above, the majority of these centres will also accept:

What can not be put in your bin

You can find out what your local centre is happy to accept by checking out the Norfolk County Council 'Know Before You Throw' guide or by visiting www.norfolk.gov.uk/recyclingcentres. You can also find information about what to put in your recycling bin by visiting the website of your local authority.