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Celebrating National Old Stuff Day - The Marie Kondo Way

Posted on: March 2, 2018

An antique film camera.

As you may, or may not know today marks National Old Stuff day, a day created to celebrate the old stuff in and around our homes. As humans, we are extremely susceptible to becoming attached to a whole host of random objects. As we go through life it’s likely that our own personal collections will grow as we do and might one day overtake our loft space completely. Although the day is all about celebrating the old items in your house, we will be talking about how you can reduce the number of old items in your house by following Marie Kondo’s methods. 

Who Is Marie Kondo?

Marie Kondo is a Japanese organising consultant and author, who became famous for her methods of home organisation. She has written 4 books on organisation which have sold millions of copies worldwide and have been translated into a number of languages. Her unique methods of organising have garnered her fans all over the world, who practice “Kondo-ing” in their own households.

What Is Kondoing?

Kondoing, more commonly known as the KonMari method, is an organising philosophy which involves you gathering all of your belongings, one category at a time and then keeping only the objects that give you joy. When you encounter a possession that no longer sparks joy in your life, you must thank it for its service to your life and then get rid of it. When tackling the clutter in your house, Marie advises you start with categories rather than tackling room by room. Kondo advises that you begin with items such as clothing, which are less emotionally loaded than items such as old photographs.

The KonMari method requires you to consider your belongings feelings. Are your clothes happy to be in a crowded closet, and are your cupboards content with being left open and filled to the brim? Although the thought of inanimate objects having emotions is strange, it does hold an important message about respecting your possessions.

Celebrating National Old Stuff Day 

National Old Stuff day gives you the excuse to go back through all the old possessions you haven’t quite got round to searching through. You can celebrate the day in a range of ways - from learning the history of the items you find, the history of your family or even fixing up the items that you find in your home. 

Planning A Declutter? 

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