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Deal to Burn Norfolk's Waste at Suffolk Incinerator is extended

Posted on: June 4, 2015

Due to Norfolk struggling to find a long-term solution to dispose of its rubbish, a deal has been extended to 2020 to burn some of Norfolk's waste in an incinerator in Suffolk. After the contract for the proposed incinerator in King's Lynn was declined last year, Norfolk County Council agreed a deal with Suffolk County Council to send about 40,000 tonnes of residual waste to the burner at Great Blakenham.

The chairman of Norfolk County Council's environment, development and transport committee, Toby Coke, said: "I am pleased that we have extended our agreement with Suffolk as it is vital that we have secure arrangements in place to deal with Norfolk's residual waste. I am confident that this autumn we will have pinned down services for dealing with the remaining 170,000 tonnes each year for the next four years."

He goes on to say: "But we still need a sustainable long term solution that is acceptable to our communities in Norfolk. That is one of our pressing tasks because with the benefits of the economic growth forecast for our county and with more new homes being built here, it is inevitable that we will be dealing with more waste in our county in the future.

"We hope to have that settled by 2020. But whatever we agree is right for Norfolk, it will be in line with the 20 waste policies that the county council agreed in December last year. In a nutshell, that means no incinerator will be built in our county to deal with our residents' waste and we will be looking for waste services that squeeze more valuable resources out of our rubbish."

The £1 million deal is set to have lorries travelling from Norfolk and offloading the non-recyclable waste to the Suffolk incinerator multiples times a day. The incinerator produces electricity from the waste as well as providing heat to local greenhouses.

Toby Coke says: "And wherever possible we will be looking to use smaller local area waste treatment facilities so that we deal with waste as close to the places where it was generated as possible."

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