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How to Dispose of Old Kitchens and Bathrooms

Posted on: May 17, 2018

Waste created by renovation works.

Throughout your life, you’re going to spend quite a lot of time in your kitchen and bathroom, meaning you will probably want to upgrade these rooms at some point. Undertaking the renovations of these rooms is a task that can produce lots of waste. Old appliances and broken down fixed units can be awkward to dispose of. Hiring a skip is the most convenient way to dispose of the waste your work creates.

Common Renovation Waste

Here are some of the types of waste you might have to deal with when undertaking your renovations:

  • Old Appliances – Replacing old appliances will give your kitchen a new lease of life. Many companies charge an extra fee to dispose of your old appliance when they deliver your new one. These small costs soon add up when you’re renovating a whole kitchen. 
  • Rubble – If you are knocking down a wall to extend your kitchen or bathroom you may be generating a surprising amount of rubble. Our smaller skips can take rubble waste (the larger ones become too heavy to transport safely when filled with rubble or soil). 
  • DIY Waste – Renovation projects are likely to produce plaster, old wiring, glass and insulation. We can dispose of all these different types of waste. However, in recent years, the rules surrounding the transportation and containment of plasterboard have changed. We accept up to two bin bags of plasterboard as long as it is bagged separately from the rest of your waste. Beyond this amount we charge £40 per tonne sack.

Skip Hire vs Trip to the Tip

In recent months, new charges surrounding the disposal of DIY waste have come into place at tips around Norfolk. Those looking to dispose of DIY waste are now being charged per 80 litre sack or for each single item they bring. For larger home renovation projects, hiring a skip may be cheaper plus you save yourself the hassle and mess created by transporting the waste yourself. 

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