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How to Recycle Clothing and Textiles

Posted on: October 21, 2016

Pile of clothes

Every year in Norfolk approximately 8,500 tonnes of textiles which could otherwise have been recycled or reused are thrown away. In addition to that, research suggests that the average household is filled with around £4,000 worth of clothing – 30% of which won’t have been worn in the past year. 

So if you’re planning a clear out of your wardrobe ahead of the Christmas sales, it may be tempting to simply discard of them in your general waste bin – well don’t! If you can extend the life of a garment by just three months, either by recycling or reusing, you can reduce its waste footprint by between 5 and 10%. 

With that in mind, here are a few ways you can extend the life of clothes which would traditionally have been thrown in the bin:

Recycle Them:

Almost all of the main recycling centres in Norfolk will accept your unwanted clothing and textiles. Clothes and shoes which are in good condition will be reused both in the UK and abroad, while poor quality items are commonly recycled to create new products – such as sofa padding and insulation.

Mend Them:

Have you recently found a hole in one of your pockets? Are your jeans getting too small? Well rather than wasting money replacing them, why not repair them?

  • Missing buttons can be easily replaced
  • Learn skills to alter your favourite clothes when they become too small
  • Look after your clothes to ensure they last longer

Donate Them:

If there is no chance you will ever wear that Hawaiian shirt again or those little denim shorts, don’t just throw them away – donate them to your local charity shop or use social media to sell or give them away. You never know – there might just be someone looking for what you have!

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