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Meet Trash Girl: The Waste Superhero of Norfolk

Posted on: February 7, 2018

Nadia Sparkes is also known as Trash Girl.

Forget Spiderman, Batman and Superman, Norfolk has a new superhero protecting our streets and she goes by the name of Trash Girl. This plucky and determined character has sprung to fame over the past few weeks – after her exploits were reported on by the Eastern Daily Press, with articles in the BBC and Daily Mail dedicated to her. In this blog, we will be talking about Trash Girl, her story and why we should all take inspiration from her.

Trash Girl’s Story

Trash Girl, also known as Nadia Sparkes is a pupil at Hellesdon High School making a difference in her local community. The year seven student earned herself the nickname after she started collecting litter on her daily 2-mile commute. Nadia started to collect the litter on her route to school in the basket on the front of her bike, before disposing of it correctly in her family’s bins. 

Her work has seen her become immortalised in a cartoon, which its creators hope will be shown in schools across the country. She has also received support from all across the globe, with people from New Zealand and Canada reaching out to Paula Sparkes, Trash Girl’s mum. Her work has not been without critics though as sadly, a small proportion of students at her school started to bully her. They threw litter at Nadia, before shouting insults, but since Nadia’s story was published in the EDP she has received no negative comments. 

Mrs Sparkes was quoted by the Metro:
“It was like turning off a tap. Ever since the story’s gone out Nadia’s not had any negative comments.” 

Taking Inspiration from Trash Girl 

For a 12-year-old, Trash Girl displays an amazingly responsible attitude towards the environment, that we should all be inspired by. Her work is simple but effective and this is evident, due to the attention surrounding the story both nationally and internationally. Going forward, we should all aim to do our bit for reducing litter in our communities. This can be as simple as picking up a few cans or bottles from your street and putting them in the recycling bin. Anything that reduces waste in our communities is a good thing and if you do collect litter, you can share it with Nadia on her Team Trash Girl Facebook page.

Our Commitment to Waste Management 

Here at WT Skip Hire, we take waste management very seriously. We ensure that we take all the waste collected in our skips to our recycling centre, where we then recycle 90% of the contents. We separate the waste and split it into a number of recycling containers. This process allows us to deal with the vast majority of waste we collect effectively and responsibly. 

We are thorough with our waste management and we have a fully-calibrated Avery weighbridge which can weigh any skip, to provide you with accurate waste management information. We can also provide a waste report which breaks down what was in your skip and how much of it was recycled. 

If you are feeling inspired by Trash Girl to deal with the waste on your property, we can supply the skip. Call us on 01493 668118 or email us on info@wtskiphire.co.uk

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