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Norfolk County Council's Decision: The Disposal of DIY Waste

Posted on: March 15, 2018

DIY waste in a tip.

Last month, Norfolk County Council announced its new charge on the disposal of DIY waste at recycling centres across the county. As you can expect, the decision was met with widespread criticism, with people feeling that the new charge will just lead to more cases of fly-tipping on private property. In this blog, we will be talking about the new charge, as well as giving our take on the whole situation.

What Is the New Charge?

Starting from April 1st 2018, there will be a fee for the disposal of all types of construction and demolition waste. This will replace the current scheme, and there will no longer be a free 80 litre item or a one item concession for residential DIY waste. You can continue to dispose of DIY waste at recycling centres until the laws come into place next month. The council can no longer accept small amounts of this DIY waste for free and they are under pressure to save money, preferring to add this new charge instead of closing down facilities.

What Are the Prices?

Here are the prices per 80 litre sack or single item:

  • Unsorted/non-recyclable DIY waste - £5
  • Flat glass - £5 (classed as non-recyclable at Mile Cross Recycling Centre)
  • Rubble - £3
  • Plasterboard - £9 (£15 at Mile Cross)
  • Timber - £3
  • Scrap metal - no charge

What Will This Mean for Norfolk?

Our director Gary Thurtle said:

"Sadly, since the recession of 2008, councils have been under tremendous pressure to reduce their spending, and any non-essential services such as recycling centres are under the microscope. There is no legal obligation for councils to provide these services for free.”

"In parallel with this, the cost of waste management has risen over the last 10 years, as landfill sites close and companies have to drive waste further to dispose or recycle it. Norfolk is particularly challenging from a logistical perspective.”

Reactions to the News

The news of the charge was met with a range of different reactions. The overriding feeling from the general public was one of shock and confusion. It’s a debate that has divided many in the comments of the EDP article, with the overall consensus being negative. People seem unsure how badly this will affect them when they want to use this service. The council has advised people to factor in the costs of disposing of DIY waste when planning for a project and has stressed that this only covers DIY waste.

The Charge and Our Services

While we can understand the qualms, people may have about the proposal, we personally don’t see the charges as a completely negative thing. Our Director Gary Thurtle said:

"Although we may see a rise in fly tipping, I believe most people are decent and law-abiding and understand that services need to be paid for. Most people do not use recycling centres on a regular basis, and the cost of waste disposal is often factored into costings when doing household work.”

"From a commercial perspective, we think this is a great opportunity for us, as our skips are likely to be the same cost, if not cheaper, than recycling centres. In addition, the customer does not have the inconvenience of having to load up their car and queue for long periods outside the recycling centre."

You can find out more about the new charge on Norfolk County Council’s website.

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