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Our Recycling Report Service

Posted on: May 9, 2018

Dealing with the waste collected in a skip.

Many of our customers like to have an understanding of how their waste is disposed of. Once your waste has been collected and disposed of, we can file a recycling report, which will detail exactly what waste was in the skip and how we dealt with it.  

Our Recycling Reports 

We have a fully calibrated Avery weighbridge which can weigh any of our skips to provide us with accurate waste management information. Your recycling report will include this information about tonnage and the details of how your waste is broken down and then recycled. We produce these reports by organising the waste found in your skip into a number of set containers and recording how much of each material goes into each container.

Waste Recycling 
Here is how we deal with the different waste we commonly collect in our skips:

  • Wood – Most of the wood is shredded and is used as animal bedding or bio fuel. We also have a wood burner at our recycling centre, which blows out hot air and heats the building.
  • Plastics – Mixed plastics are cut into small flakes, washed and then melted to make new plastic products.
  • Metals – Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals are sent to plants where they are melted and made into new products.
  • Rubble and soil – Rubble is crushed and graded and used in construction projects. Soil is screened and used in landscaping or restoration projects. 
  • Glass – Some is ground down for use in construction projects such as road surfacing, and some is melted down and used to make more glass. 

You can find out how we deal with other types of waste on our waste management page

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