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Plogging: The Newest Trend That Combines Jogging and Litter Picking

Posted on: February 15, 2018

Person plogging in their local park.

Sweden is a country famous for its beautiful scenery and seemingly untouched natural surroundings. A country that has brought the world three-point seat belts, adjustable wrenches and dynamite, Sweden is now responsible for the creation of a new trend, plogging. In this blog, we will be talking about what this trend entails and how you can get involved with it.

What is Plogging?

Plogging, the latest trend from Scandinavia, involves you going for a run with a bag which you will need to fill with litter you find on your jog. The activity aims to benefit both you and the planet, improving your health and having a benefit to the local environment. It was first started in 2016 by a group of Swedish joggers who shared their photos of the waste they’d collected whilst running. Since then it has taken off on social media, with hundreds of people sharing their plogging photos from around the world using #Plogging on Instagram. 

How Can We Get Involved?

It really is as simple as going for a jog in your local area with a bin bag for waste you will encounter. The simple idea is effective at reducing the waste in your local area and benefits both you and the environment. Not only will the running improve your fitness, the constant bending over to pick up litter acts like squats, also tightening your rectus femoris. If running isn’t really your thing, walking the dog and picking up litter or even cycling is another way that you can get involved in the activity.

Which Area Should I Target?

Sadly, it is unlikely that there are many areas completely free from waste. Our problem with waste, especially plastic waste, has got so bad that almost every area of the UK is affected by the litter. If you want to benefit your local community, heading off to a local park could be the perfect pace to start. 

Here in Norfolk, we are lucky to be situated next to the coast. Unfortunately, our beaches have started to become affected by litter and need attention. If you are interested in trying plogging, our beaches could be a good place to start and you could even bring your friends to see who can collect the most waste. There are also beach cleans that you could attend to help reduce the problem of litter on our coastline.

Our Work with Waste

Here at WT Skip Hire Ltd, we have been working in the skip hire industry for over thirty years. We have built a reputation for having a fast and reliable service which is affordable. We have a wide range of skips, perfect for a variety of different uses and we provide them to an increasingly large swathe of Norfolk. We take the management of the waste we collect very seriously, recycling 90% of it at our recycling centre.

Got some waste that needs to be dealt with? We can help, call us on 01493 668118 or email us on info@wtskiphire.co.uk.

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