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Responsible Disposal of Phones Tablets and Devices

Posted on: April 7, 2017

Mobile phone

Modern smartphone technology is a miracle with built-in obsolescence. Two-years down the line, there’s a smarter, faster model on the market. Your contract's up anyway – so your old phone goes in to a drawer somewhere and you enter a new contract for a brand-new phone. What happens to all these old phones, tablets and devices? Smartphones and tablets are fully recyclable and some are even worth money. Don’t let them wind up in landfill.

Mobile Phone Refurbishment

There is a big market in mobile phone refurbishment. A number of companies will take your phone off your hands and refurbish it so it can be reused. They will pay the postage for you to send them your old phone. For the latest phones from popular brands, they might even give you some money for it.

Recycling Broken Mobile Phones

The same companies will take your broken mobile phone and recycle the valuable bits. Mobile phones contain trace amounts of valuable minerals such as gold, silver and copper. They can also contain harmful elements such as lithium, lead and mercury which is why we don’t want them to wind up in landfill where these poisons could leach out. 

Donation to Charity

Oxfam are currently running a campaign, encouraging people to donate their old mobile phones. The money raised through the recycling of these old phones will go to help good causes. You can recycle your old mobile phone by handing it in to any branch of Oxfam in the country. If you have five or more phones to donate, they will send a courier to collect them.

Our Policy

We urge people to dispose of their devices in a responsible manner. Technological devices and bulkier items such as television screens and computer monitors are not suitable for disposal in a skip. Please take such items to your local Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) facility. Your local WEEE recycling facility can be found online at www.recyclenow.com.

If you have any queries about what is suitable to put in your skip, call us on 01493 668118 and we’ll answer all your questions.
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