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Restrictions on Recycling at Norfolk Recycling Centres

Posted on: April 20, 2017

Waste being disposed of at recycling centre
The vast majority of our customers are very responsible when it comes to disposing of their waste. Hiring a skip in the first place is a responsible waste disposal action. If requested, we offer a waste report detailing exactly what went into a hired skip and how we disposed of it. We work in concert with other members of the waste disposal industry, including Norfolk County Council’s Recycling Centres to ensure that pretty much anything can be properly disposed of.

Responsible Disposal

There are some things that the recycling centres are better set up to dealing with than we are. We request that bulky electrical items be taken to recycling centres rather than dumped in a skip. The reverse example of this would be plate glass. We can recycle window panes and mirrors, whilst some recycling centres - such as the one at Mile Cross in Norwich - can only recycle bottle glass and send their flat glass to landfill.    

Pay per Load at Norfolk Recycling Centres

For waste that is generated by DIY projects and home or business refurbishments there are restrictions on the amount of waste that you can bring to a recycling centre. These are the figures for a small car load of various items:
  • Flat Glass: £18 (not recyclable at Mile Cross Recycling Centre)
  • Rubble: £22.80
  • Plasterboard: £52.80
  • Timber: £36
  • Scrap Metal: 19.20
This is just for the amount that you can fit in a car. The figures are significantly higher for van loads. 

Hiring a Skip

You can throw all of those items in a skip that we will deliver and collect. We will make sure that all the items are disposed of responsibly and you won’t have the hassle of loading up the boot of your car with messy building project waste that can leave behind dust and splinters.

Hazardous Materials 

Some Norfolk Recycling Centres hold household hazardous waste disposal days. At these events you can dispose of items that can’t be disposed of in a skip or at a recycling centre on a normal day. These include:
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Garden pesticides and fertilizers
  • Household and Photographic chemicals
  • Paints and varnishes
If you would like any further information about what is and isn’t suitable for disposal in a skip, please call our office on 01493 668118. Alternatively you can email any queries to  info@wtskiphire.co.uk.

There is more information about recycling in Norfolk on the Norfolk County Council Website.