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Review: Norwich's Second Sustainable Living Festival Encourages Eco Living for All

Posted on: April 1, 2016

We take our responsibility to the environment seriously at WT Skip Hire and we were delighted to see environmental issues highlighted last month at the One Planet Norwich Sustainable Living Festival. Held at the Forum in Norwich’s, there were some great ideas floating around.

Festival Highlights
It was certainly a busy weekend at the Sustainable Living Festival, with talks and activities designed to encourage people to live more sustainable lives. It might be impractical to set up a pedal-powered scalextric set in your living room, but the one Outspoken Cycles created was great fun and we hope everyone that attended went away with ideas about how they could consume less and recycle more.

Sustainable Living FestivalImage: Norwich City Council

The Rubbish Diet
Karen Cannard’s talk on The Rubbish Diet gave everyone some great tips. Trying to ensure that less waste winds up in landfill, this is a simple three step approach to waste. 
  • Get on top of your recycling
  • Make the most of your food
  • Shop smart, swap, share and fix
By applying these three simple rules to your daily living, you can drastically reduce the amount of rubbish that goes into black waste bags destined for landfill.

At WT Skip Hire, we think it’s great that One Planet Norwich are tackling sustainability issues head-on and getting the public involved. As keen supporters of the War on Waste campaign, recycling plays a central role in our business structure. Check out our blog for regular features on approaches you can take to reduce the amount of waste you produce. Keep up-to-date and never miss a blog by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter at @WTSkipHire.

To find out more about One Planet Norwich and how you can get involved, like them on Facebook.