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Season of Goodwill: WT Skips Plants Forty Trees

Posted on: 05/01/2022

tree planting

At WT Skips we believe it is every human’s responsibility (obligation even) to care for the planet we share. All of the waste we collect is disposed of responsibly - with whatever can be being recycled. For this year’s charitable donation we joined an initiative spearheaded by Waste Logics Software Ltd (who provide software that we use to manage waste) and planted 40 trees in partnership with the charity More Trees.

More Trees have reforestation projects in Kenya, Madagascar and Haiti, and we’ve paid for 40 trees to be added to one of these projects. Each tree planted will sequester an estimated 0.3 tonnes of CO2 - helping the planet for generations to come. Trees also provide farmers and villagers with a skill and wage to feed and house their families: reducing extreme poverty and providing a home for native wildlife at the same time.

Read more about the More Trees project on their website.