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Supplying Ro-Ro Skips to Norfolk Festivals

Posted on: September 6, 2018

festival goers being responsible with their waste.
The festival market in the UK is booming as people increasingly choose experiences over material goods. Norfolk is receiving its share of this market as our lovely green spaces and beaches lend themselves to large numbers of people. 

WT Skip Hire has been helping provide the infrastructure for these festivals. With thousands of people descending on a site for a few days they essentially become small towns that require constant maintenance for the health and safety of the festival goers. 

In September we worked with the Sundown Festival and the Magic of Thailand Festival. The Sundown Festival caters for dance music fans with a mix of live groups and DJ sets. Magic of Thailand showcases all that the country has to offer, from food and music to sport and dance. 

Two very different festivals, but both requiring containers for waste and recycling over a short space of time. Because of the large volumes of waste, we supplied multiple 40 yd ro-ro containers to both. And because the Sundown festival ran from Friday to Monday with camping factored in, there was a requirement to exchange the containers after the weekend and install the new ones around the camping area to assist the clean-up. 

It's a challenging contract, as any problems could lead to health and safety problems on site. And the organisers had to install and remove the infrastructure with military precision. But we were able to rise to the occasion and didn't let them down. 

Collecting skips from Oktoberfest last year

With other festivals running outside the traditional summer season, such as Oktoberfest, it's likely that we will increasingly be taking on contracts like this all year around. But we look forward to being involved – it’s a pleasure to help give so many people an enjoyable experience. 

If you are organising a big event in Norfolk and would like an experienced team providing the means to dispose of any waste generated, please get in touch. You can call us on 01493 668118 or email info@wtskiphire.co.uk.

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