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Trip to the Tip vs Hiring a Skip

Posted on: August 11, 2017

Recycling centre

A quick trip to the tip is a perfectly good way of getting rid of a bag or two of rubbish or a small amount of recyclable waste for which your local council doesn’t offer doorstep collection. For bigger projects that are likely to generate a lot of waste, you really would be better off hiring a skip. Here are three situations when skip is definitely better than tip.

Doing up the House

Norfolk’s recycling centres have strict limits on how much DIY waste you can dispose of before they start charging and the amounts can quickly add up – especially if there is flat glass or plasterboard to be disposed of. Hiring a skip may turn out to have been a lot more convenient and perhaps cheaper. The tip is a better option for a light quick spring clean generating a couple of bin bags of rubbish that you don’t want taking up space in your household bin.     

Landscaping your Garden

Recycling centres are happy to accept green waste, but transport is your big issue here. If you don’t have a trailer, do you really want to be bagging up mud, thorny prunings, slimy leaves, grass clippings and all the attendant minibeasts and taking them in your car? A skip can be delivered to your home, filled and collected at no inconvenience to you. 

Big Office Renovation

The tip is for domestic disposal of waste only. You will not be permitted to dispose of waste generated from your commercial premises at the tip. You could try and sneak it in, one bag at a time, in an unmarked car over several months. Or you could hire a skip, because your time is worth something and if you don’t realise that, you probably shouldn’t be running a business!

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