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Waste Management and Health and Safety

Posted on: November 22, 2017

One of our sips being delivered.

We have been in the waste management industry for over thirty years now. In our time, we have seen our fair share of changes to the industry. Sadly, one thing that is never likely to change is the danger the industry poses to those working within it. Deaths and injuries occur all too frequently within our line of work. In this blog, we will be talking about how we protect all of those in the WT family.

WT Skip Hire and Health and Safety

We have been working hard this year to ensure all of our staff are as safe as they can be while in the workplace. We regularly assess the risks of our work, working with our staff ensuring they too know the risks. In addition to this, we are committed to using third-party training to give our staff recognised and necessary certifications, which will improve their knowledge now and their application in the future. The health and safety precautions our staff have taken this year include:

  • Staff gaining certificates allowing them to operate machinery safely. 
  • Staff being re-tested and gaining new certificates in machine operating.
  • Fitting cameras, lights and warning sirens to vehicles.
  • An employee gaining a certificate which declares him able to safely fit dust masks.
  • Staff undertaking Banksman training.
  • Staff having manual lifting training. 

Why are we so thorough with health and safety?

We have worked in times with different attitudes to health and safety. The clamp down on health and safety in recent years has seen new laws and regulations being brought in. We are thorough in our work to minimise the risk that one of our employees is put at risk while at work. The new health and safety laws can land those not complying with large fines as well as lengthy jail sentences. These health and safety laws make it harder for deaths to occur within our line of work but accidents can still happen. Earlier this year, in Besthorpe, Norfolk, a skip hire worker was killed in a tragic accident

Full Premises Review

We also had a health and safety advisor do a 360-degree review of our premises and our work and we will be acting upon any advice given to us. This 360-degree review helps us create a culture of health and safety within our workplace. We believe this is the best way to go about implementing health and safety advice.

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