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What Not to Put in Your Skip: A Guide

Posted on: April 4, 2016

At WT Skip Hire, we are properly equipped and licensed to dispose of most waste. However, some common waste items could pose a risk to other people’s health or the environment. Here is our guide to what not to put in your skip – and where you should put it instead.

What Not to Put in Your Skip

TVs and Computer Monitors
Old televisions contain toxic chemicals including mercury and lead. If your old TV or computer monitor goes to landfill it could damage the environment. Take yours to a registered Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling facility. You can find your local WEEE recycling facility at recyclenow.com.

Fridges and Freezers
Every year, about 3 million fridges are thrown away in the UK. Most fridges made before 2000 contain harmful substances called CFCs or HFCs, which break down the ozone layer in the earth’s atmosphere. If your fridge isn’t properly disposed of, these chemicals could leak and cause environmental damage. About 95% of an average fridge is recyclable, even if it does contain CFCs or HFCs, so take yours to a registered WEEE recycling facility. 

Common materials found in batteries include lead, cadmium, gypsum and nickel – all of which can be hazardous. Battery recycling boxes can often be found at your local supermarket or petrol station. If you want to dispose of a car battery, you will need to take this to your local battery recycling centre. Visit recyclenow.com to find out where you can recycle your batteries.

Asbestos may be found in any building that was built or refurbished before 2000. It was a commonly used building material, used for insulation, textured paint, pipe lagging and floor tiles. However, asbestos fibres can cause serious lung diseases when inhaled. If you find or suspect asbestos in your home, it should only be removed by a specialist. Contact your local authority to find an asbestos disposal specialist.

Paint, Fuel, Solvents and Other Liquids
Paint, fuel and solvents are all chemical compounds, and must go to a licensed hazardous waste disposal service. Fluorescent lighting tubes contain mercury, which is toxic, so you can’t put them in a skip either. Find your local hazardous waste disposal service at GOV.uk.

Gas Bottles
Gas bottles can explode when crushed, so they should never be placed in a skip or a household waste bin. Most suppliers will allow you to return your gas bottle when it’s used, so it can be refilled and used again. You may also be able to take your gas bottle to your local recycling centre. Visit recyclenow.com for more information.

Car Tyres
Illegally dumped tyres can pose a fire risk, and when tyres burn they release toxic smoke and chemicals which harm the environment. Over 55 million tyres are thrown away in the UK every year, so make sure you dispose of yours responsibly. Waste tyres can be reused in a number of ways, so there’s no need to fly tip. Some garages will take your old tyres away for you if you’re having new tyres fitted, or your local recycling centre might take them. Check at recyclenow.com.

Medical Waste
Medical or clinical waste poses a risk of infection to people that come into contact with it, and of contamination to the environment. Medical waste needs to be disposed of by a specialist. The Department of Health offers full guidance on how to dispose of medical waste.

Although you can’t put any of these waste items in your skip, we can dispose of almost anything else at WT Skip Hire. With a range of skips in different sizes and full waste management and waste carriers licences, we are fully equipped to meet your waste disposal needs. Call us now on 01493 668118 to find out how we can help.