WT Skip Hire

When is a Skip too Full?

Posted on: November 6, 2015

The golden rule is that a skip should only ever be filled to level with the top of the skip. Any higher than that and it would be dangerous to transport. That doesn’t stop some people from seeing what they can get away with, as you can see from these pictures we have captured of overfilled skips:

Example 1:
Greedy boards
A classic use of what we in the skip hire industry call ‘greedy boards’. The fence panelling has been used to extend the sides of the skip upwards to create more disposal space.

Example 2:
Skip full of insulation
All that insulation may not weigh much, but our skips are rented by volume, not by weight.

Example 3:
Overfilled skip
This may not look as bad as the other two - but, as the rubbish comes over the top of the skip, we would still classify this as overfilled and an extra charge would have to be applied.

These overfilling incidents are easily avoided by making sure that you rent the correct-sized skip for the job in hand. Here at WT Skip Hire, we have a range of skip sizes to choose between: from the smallest 2-yard skip for minor amounts of domestic waste, right up to our roll-on roll-off containers for disposal industrial and commercial waste. 

If you are unsure what size skip you need, give our office a call on 01493 668118 and someone will be able to offer you exactly the advice you need.