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Plasterboard Disposal

Plasterboard Disposal

Plasterboard is used in the construction of interior walls and ceilings and is great for acoustic and thermal insulation. However refurbishment of a property sometimes leaves you with the problem of plasterboard disposal. We have three options to help you to dispose of your waste plasterboard responsibly.

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The problem...

The gypsum in the plaster is high in sulfates and that means it can’t be disposed of in landfill as the sulfates react with organic materials to produce a toxic gas. However, plasterboard can be safely disposed of provided it is kept separate from other waste.

Waste Bags

Small amount of plasterboard

Two bags: free disposal

If you have hired one of our skips for a refurbishment project that only requires the disposal of a small amount of plasterboard, then we are happy to take up to two standard sized household refuse sacks of plasterboard free of charge.

Please just make sure that all plasterboard is bagged separately.
Waste Bag

Medium amount of plasterboard

Tonne sack: £78.00 (inc. VAT)

If your project is likely to generate significantly more than two bags’ worth of plasterboard, but not enough to warrant a dedicated skip, we can collect and safely dispose of a full tonne sack at a very reasonable price.

Need a tonne sack? Let us know and we’ll drop you one off for free.
Plasterboard Skips

Large amount of plasterboard

Dedicated plasterboard skips: special rates

For very large building and commercial projects that involve ripping out huge amounts of plasterboard, talk to us about hiring a dedicated plasterboard skip. We can help you with estimating the size you require.

We offer discounted rates for skips that contain only plasterboard waste.
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