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Waste Management

We take waste management very seriously, ensuring all the waste we collect in our skips is taken to our recycling centre, where we recycle around 90% of the contents.

As we sort through each skip we have a number of set containers for recycling waste. This allows us to deal with the vast majority of different waste types, including wood, metals, textiles, glass and even rubble and soil. A breakdown of what happens to the waste next is shown below, however please contact us if you would like any information about WT Skip Hire and the environment.

We have a fully calibrated Avery weighbridge which can weigh any skip you order to provide you with accurate waste management information. We are also happy to provide a waste report giving you a breakdown of what was in the skip and how much of it was recycled.

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Waste Recycling

  • Wood

    Most is shredded and used as animal bedding or bio fuel. We also have a wood burner at our recycling centre, which blows out hot air and heats the building.

  • Plastics

    Mixed plastics are cut into flakes, washed and melted to make new plastic products.

  • Metals

    Ferrous and non-ferrous metals are sent to plants where they are melted and made into new products.

  • Textiles

    Good quality clothes are re-used, particularly in developing countries. Low grade textiles are used as wiper rag or fill material.

  • Glass

    Some is ground down for use in construction projects such as road surfacing. Most is melted and used to make more glass.

  • Plate Glass

    Elements of everyday objects, such as mirrors and shower screens, are taken to a third party for onward recycling and can be reused to make glass cullet or even aggregates.

  • Rubble and Soil

    Rubble is crushed and graded and used in construction projects. Soil is screened and used in landscaping or restoration projects.

  • Card and Paper

    Paper mills clean the material then pulp it and recycle it into new card and paper.

  • Green Waste

    This is shredded and turned into compost.